Time is given in class to work on their homework in class.  Some time maybe needed outside of class.


Make-up Work

Make-up work is expected to be completed as soon as possible with 2 days allowed for each day missed.  If you know you will be absent, you need to fill out a blue slip and get the assignments ahead of time. The assignment can be found on my website www.cb001.k12.sd.us under class assignments, on the assignment sheet in my classroom, or by asking the instructor.  Upon filling out the blue sheet, ask for the instructors signature. You need to do this outside of class or at the end of class.


Classroom rules

School handbook rules will be followed and points will be assigned when appropriate.


Food Lab Rules
  1. Safety rules and kitchen sanitation will be followed.
  2. Students will plan food labs prior to going into the food lab.
  3. All students will participate 100% in the food lab.
  4. Food labs will be made in the quantity of food that will be ate during the lab period.
  5. All students will help with clean up.

Family, Career, & Community Leaders of America is an organization that all students who have taken a FACS class can join by paying dues and joining in on the fun.
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