Family & Consumer Course Descriptions
Child Development & Parenting 1 1/2 credit
This course will give the student an understanding of the prenatal period of child development, infant care and the child from birth to preschool.  The student will learn characteristics of each phase of child development and parenting experience.

Projects:  Baby Think It Over simulation and working at the preschool and local day care.


Clothing Know-How 1/2 credit
A course developed to improve sewing skills and to develop confidence in wardrobe planning.  Technology and teamwork skills will be emphasized in projects.

Projects:  Students will do an assembly line project, use the scanner, computerized sewing machine, computer and construct a simple project.


Dinner Foods 1/2 credit
The student will acquire know-how in food nutrition and food preparation . 

Projects:  Food labs.


Food & Your Health 1/2 credit
The course will include the basic food groups, preparation of special foods, and labeling.  Other topics will be in food preparation, special diets, dieting and meal planning.

Projects:  Food labs.


Housing & Home Furnishings 1/2 credit
A course for any student interested in types of housing and home furnishings, interior design, and selection of home.

Projects: Students will be working on the computer to develop a floor plan and design the interior.  Another project will be faux finishes and stenciling on walls in a classroom.


Independent Living 1/2 credit
The course is designed for students who will soon be on their own.  Specific skills and ideas in all areas of homemaking will help the individual to function more competently today, tomorrow and in the future.  Basic food groups, kitchen experience, finding a job, finding an apartment, and financial management.

Projects: Students will complete a simulation of real life experiences.  The experiences will be as if you are moving out of the house today and setting up a home and managing your financial resources.


Relationships & Careers 1/2 credit
This course is designed to heighten the student's awareness of the realities of daily family living, relationships and careers, know-how in assessing the family structure, roles of men and women in a changing society, mate selection, readiness for marriage, marriage failure, and family crises are covered in this course.  In this course students will also cover career options and acquire job preparation skills. 

Projects:  Electronic career portfolio and one day job shadowing experience.


7th FACS 1/4 credit
This is a required course for 7th grade.  In this class students will gain information about Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, foods and nutrition, food preparation, child care, interior design, money management, fabric care, and sewing skills.  The class is designed in the module format with students completing 4 different modules, information on FCCLA, and sewing a pillow.

Projects:  Food labs, check book simulation, Baby Think It Over, home building, and pillow construction.